Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Rupture (Detroit) part 3

Maureen Taylor, State Chair of the Michigan Welfare
Rights Organization 
“My whole life is around
people’s water being shut off.
I’m offended!”

44,000 homes
(how many people?)
lost water
this year.
32,000 more on the list.

water to drink
water to bathe
water to cook
water to clean
water to flush


hot summer

blue lines painted on sidewalks
alert neighbors of
the anguish
that once lived only inside,
remain as 
marks of shame
and pain.

from parched homes
sleepy bodies
steal away in the night,
hoping to save the family
from grasping for one another,
when CPS comes:
fragmentation of child separated from parent -
to be reunited


when will the water return?
when will the children return?
when will the decency return?

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