Monday, July 20, 2015

Rupture (Detroit) part 1

This is the first of several poetry/reflections from my time at the Christian Peacemaker Teams Peacemaker Congress in Detroit.

“Don’t cry too much. We survive.”

She waited for us in her car.
When she stood on the street,
six cars stopped to solicit her services.
She had nothing to offer but a fiery spirit to re-build her city.

Trucks and trucks and trucks roll
off the Ambassador Bridge,
carrying goods to quell
voracious appetites 
- consumption -
passing sidewalks otherwise deserted,
as women, one here, one there,
sell sex to appease
unquenchable desire
- consumption -
for something not possible

More things (she is object),
more things (even to herself?),
more things for you and me,
while a city crumbles

and the untended hunger persists.

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