Monday, April 27, 2015

The ones you hate


What do you see ¾
summit or only rocky ascent?

Do you see me walking next to you?

Do you see that they,
the ones you judge,
are climbing,
trudging, too?

They, not all, but many,
will lift you when you fall.
they’ll bind your bloodied knee.
they’ll dab your moistened eyes,
relieve your limping leg.

Shared pain,
you think is yours alone,
they know, they feel it, too,
arms outstretched to you.

Will you wrap yourself around them ¾

Christ disguised.

Or turn away
until they pass,
clutching your ruptured pride so tight
you drench yourself in blood?

You know ¾
They, the ones you hate?
The ones you pass without a word, watch fall,
eyes down, lips pursed, “no time,” “not mine,” “too bad,” not sad.

They are your Savior.

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