Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bethlehem Wall

Today some of us visited the separation barrier, aka Apartheid Wall, in Bethlehem.  This was my first and only visit to the wall during this stint in Palestine.  If you want to read/see anything from my experiences last year, try these links: The Wall: Convers(at)ion, The Wall: Photos, The Wall: Action, The Wall: Action Photos.

Rather than use words to talk about the abomination that is the wall, I will rely primarily on photos to tell the story...

There is a place one can look to the other side.  This is a peek through.  It is Rachel's tomb.

The curve in the wall on the left offers
the view above. 
Israeli border policemen enter area around Rachel's Tomb

Israeli border policemen on Palestinian
side of the wall. 

We were surprised to see CPT's mark on the wall. 

A butterfly I drew last year, red color
 washed away, black & green faded

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