Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Sixteen hours into the new year and I feel pretty good about 2013.

I rang in the new year at a party that included my sister, her husband, and some of our Latino friends.  I mention that they are Latinos, because, in my humble opinion, Latinos know how to throw a party!  Maybe it's my love of (Latin) dancing that leads me to that conclusion.  Dancing is an important element of every Latino party.  Salsa, merengue, bachata - my body can't help but move, and last night it got to.  

As the year began I exchanged texts and conversation with friends not at the party, then got a few hours of sleep.  

St. William has hosted a World Day of Prayer for Peace interfaith prayer service every January 1st for many years.  I hadn't attended one until this year, when I was asked to preside.  What an incredible honor.  What a beautiful way to enter into the new year - with prayers and reflections from diverse faith traditions, all focused on peace.    

This morning before the service I was anxious.  I had written a few of the things I was going to say.  What if my words weren't just right?  As presider, a lot of responsibility for making the service run smoothly fell on me.  What if I forgot something or my timing was off? When I took a moment to consider my nervousness, I reminded myself that the people attending would be there because they were interested in peace.  They were not there to judge me and would, in all likelihood, forgive me if I messed up...if they even noticed.  That helped put things into perspective and calm the nerves.  After the service, I breathed a sigh of relief. It had gone well. 

From there I went to my best friend's annual New Years Day Pajama Brunch.  I love the event for a couple of reasons: 1) it's not often I get to go out in pjs (though I didn't do so this year, since I came from the prayer service) and 2) I get to see long-time friends that I don't otherwise see.  This year's friend-seeing was no disappointment.  I am ever amazed at the high-caliber of people I am blessed to know.  

Later in the afternoon I had a conversation about a new monthly blog I'll be writing focusing on nonviolence (more details about it in future posts).  I read a little, visited my grandma, who is, unfortunately, starting her new year in the hospital because she has pneumonia, and then picked up some food.  There I ran into a former student and his dad, as well as another friend.  

And now I sit writing, a warm furry creature snuggled up to me. 

If the first 16 hours of 2013 are any indication of the way this year will go, I am in for an awesome year.  The blessings are already pouring down on me in torrents.  I hope with all my heart and soul that your year is starting out as joyfully as mine.  Whether it is or isn't, I wish you much peace, joy, and love throughout this year. 

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