Saturday, November 3, 2012

did you find yourself?

did you find yourself?
she asked me


i found myself

in the young barefoot beggar staring at me,
eyes wide, deep brown
and the next one,
ragged clothes,
and another,
dirty face

in the naked man sitting on the street,
in the sick woman with no energy for her children,
in the chubby boy who was the butt of jokes

in the teen whose father was killed,
in the one who struggled to learn english,
in the woman restricted by culture

in the sorrow of the one who misses his wife,
in the awareness of the one who doesn’t follow her gut,
in the frustration of the one who hates her limitations,
in the longing of the one who seeks love.

if i were born
in another time
and place
i could be them,
live in their bodies,
live their


i was born
when i was born
where i was born
and have my own

and yet




in them.

i don’t live in their bodies
but they live in me -

in my cells,
my blood,
my bones,
the skin i wear -

do you see them?
they are me.
i am them.

do you feel them?
are they you?
are you them?

do you find yourself
when you look into
the eyes
of another?

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  1. The poem's moved me, no I mean it! "do you find yourself,when you look into the eyes of another?" :') If only people truly practiced this, the world would be a better place.