Saturday, October 27, 2012


If you were in Louisville and you looked out the window or went outside yesterday, you’d probably classify the day as a dreary one. Rainy and chilly. There are times when such days bring me down. Yesterday I reveled in the day.  

Four days before, I arrived home after four weeks of traveling - to Turkey, Albania, Iraqi Kurdistan, and Richmond, Virginia. Between sleep deprivation and many experiences to process, it took me a few days just to get my head screwed on right. It clicked back into place on my third day home.

My fourth day was yesterday. I had tentative plans to meet a friend in the afternoon, but no other fixed plans.  I finally went through all the mail that had piled up while I was away.  I went to my parents’ house and finished uploading trip photos. I cleaned out an email account that I never use. I had a long Skype chat with a friend that helped me put some things into perspective. I went grocery shopping and picked up a couple of DVDs.  My few times out in the rain gave me a chance to try out the new rain jacket I’d bought right before my trip.  I haven’t had a rain jacket- ever.  It was blissful to arrive home dry and warm! 

I expected to hear from my friend shortly after I got to my house.  However, I never heard from her and didn’t have a phone number to call her or an Internet connection with which to contact her.  Though I want to see her, I was perfectly alright with the change in plans.  I cuddled up on my couch and listened to the rain outside.

It was the first full evening I’d spent at home since late September before I left. I lit a pumpkin bread-scented candle.  My cats nestled in with me on the couch.  I watched my DVDs. I finished reading The Happiness Project, and considered all the reasons I have to be grateful, one of which was the cozy evening in my home. 

Life felt good.    

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