Thursday, August 23, 2012

Talking to a Possibilitite

Shortly after I returned from my travels, I met with a friend, the one who spearheaded the formation of one of the writing groups I now belong to.  As I told her my plans, she suggested I meet a friend of hers.  She told me that he is, like I am, a dreamer, someone residing in the World of Possibilities that I strive to inhabit.  I had so recently returned that I did not feel ready to meet him.

After being home a few months, I asked my friend to make an electronic introduction.  She did so last week, resulting in an in-person meeting today.  It is exciting to meet residents of the World of Possibilities, especially a person like the one I met today who has been living there most, if not all, of the time I've been alive.

Sadly, the realm of Possibilities is underpopulated.  So many people live in Can't, Impossible, Ridiculous and don't even dare to travel into Possibilities.  It is fair to say that some don't know that Possibilities exists.  Others are so comfortable in Can't, Impossible, and Ridiculous that leaving seems too difficult.  Still others fear Possibilities and that fear often extends to its inhabitants.  One not living in Possibilities may believe that Possibilitites are not to be trusted.  You just never know what might happen when you are with Possibilitites. Just to be clear, Possibilitites are citizens, either by birth or naturalization of the World of Possibilities.  Though I haven't gone though any formal naturalization process to become a Possibilitite, and though I do occasionally venture back into Can't or some of my other former homes, I think I'll still claim the title of Possibilitite. It gives me more incentive to live the title.

It is true that Possibilitites are unpredictable.  The one certainty is that they are on the move, exploring everything in their ever-expanding world and finding ways to promote the expansion.  The Possibilitite I met today fits the bill.  He has found his niche in the World.  At the same time, he continuously seeks ways to push the border of Possibilities into the other realms.  This is not to say he does so in a heavy-handed dictatorial way.  Instead, he knows that cultivating relationships, collaboration, exploration, and motivation are keys to both the well-being and expansion of Possibilities.

Some large agricultural conglomerates try to sue farmers whose crops - not growing from the corporations' seed - have been cross-pollinated from fields planted with the corporations' seeds.  Those corporations exist in Can't.  Unlike Can'tons, Possibilitites encourage cross-pollination between Possibilities and the other worlds.  Possibilitites know that it is through cross-pollination that Possibilities expands, naturally and organically. The winds and the bees act the only way they know how - crossing barriers that don't exist in the world of bees and winds, barriers that Can'tons created, know intimately, and generally don't cross.  They are the obstructions to relationships, collaboration, exploration, and motivation.  Possibilitites don't believe that their home is so special that they must exclude others.  They sense the barrier, but find it as permeable as the bees do.  If Can'tons, Impossibilitites, or Ridiculans have a change of heart and seek residency in Possibilities, they are welcomed with open arms.  Having experienced the World of Possibilities, I don't understand why someone wouldn't want to live here.

I came into the meeting today knowing that I was venturing into unfamiliar territory, perhaps without sufficient light to illuminate the path I hoped to create there.  Just a few hours after the meeting, I question whether I should have laid more groundwork for my desired path before and during the meeting. I can't backtrack now, but I hope the path is still open.

I do know that the Possibilitite invited me to explore areas unknown, some of which I had a mind to explore anyway, others I hadn't considered.  He assured me that he will do the same.  After spending just two hours with the Possibilitite, I can sense the World of Possibilities expanding and changing.  I can't see it, but I can feel it.  I look forward to meeting my new Possibilitite acquaintance again and seeing how our motivation and separate explorations may bring us together in relationship and collaboration.  

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