Sunday, June 17, 2012

In a few words... a lighter sort of post...

Having been home for a month, it seems a good time to look back on my time away (not that I haven't been doing it every day)...  The following are lists that point to the diversity of my personal experiences, and in some cases, the diversity of day-to-day experiences in this world...

I've revised and included a theme for the lists (6/25/12). However, you are welcome to come up with alternate themes (your theories/list themes ideas are welcomed).

1: India, Finland, Spain, Morocco, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Turkey, Italy, Netherlands, France, Montenegro...countries I spent at least one night

2: feet, hot air balloon, camel, bus, rickshaw, auto rickshaw, motorcycle, airplane, train, metro, tram, ferry, water bus, canoe, elephant, bike, taxi, canter, shared taxi, minibus, shared van, kettuvallam, car, hitchhiking... modes of transportation I used

3: India, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, U.S., Germany, Nepal, England, Belize, Turkey,
Netherlands, Finland, Morocco, Italy, Sweden, France, Spain, Palestine, Israel, Russia, Canada... countries from which I met some fabulous people

4: Taj Mahal, India-Pakistan border... the two places Finn and Lightning (the cars I carried for my nephews) did not accompany, once by force, once by suggestion

5: Serbia, Germany, Greece... places where I only spent time in the airport

6: Mom, Dad, Joetta, Natascha, Brandy, Jim, Katelyn, Lauren, Betsy, Carol, Ben, Brendan, Bridget, Anthony, Michael, Chrissy, John, Chris, Grant, Sr. Margaret, Michael, Luke, Chris, Nick, Graham... people from home I got to see along the way

7: street theater, arrests, children's march, tear gas, sound bombs, road blocks, processions, demonstrations, protests, street musicians, living statues, prayer, injuries, stations of the cross, checkpoints, parades, fights, passion play, laughter yoga... spectacles encountered in the streets

8: cows, goats, sheep, dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, elephants, monkeys, camels, water buffalo... animals encountered in the streets

9: apartment, house, convent, hotel, hostel, cave hotel, train, bus, car, airplane, ashram, beach... places I slept

10: Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Jewish... religions I encountered

11: Tarun, Shilpaa, Vidya, Shri, Paula, Ruchira, Laura, Nivedita, Huda, Monolita, Mathew, Sana, Hannah, Candan, Nizar, Bustami, Ed, Jude, Mary, Yeliz, Rae, Mo, Cecilia, Camilia, Andrea, Taniei... Couchsurfers I met

12: Spanish, English, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Turkish, Catalan, Italian, French, Arabic, Italian, Hebrew, Montenegrin... languages that were spoken around me (there are more whose names I don't know)

13: Onam, Teachers Day, Queens Day, SCN Bicentennial Kick-off, birthdays, Thanksgiving (Indian-style), Ganapati, weddings, engagement party, border closing, baptism, Three Kings Day, Feast of St. George, Feast of St. Vincent de Paul, Halloween (Indian-style), Sports day, Annual Day, Diwali, Durga Puja, jubilee celebrations... festivities I witnessed/participated in

I've probably left things off the lists, but I've done my best to be comprehensive...

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