Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What Education Looks

The following are photos I took in India and Palestine that may provide insight into education in each place.  The pictures are not necessarily representative of how things are in the entire country, but rather what I saw as I was working and traveling.  They are not in any sort of order, except that they are grouped by country...

Taking a test, Hunterganj ashram, Jharkhand, India

Seventh grade boys, Chatra SCN English Medium school, Jharkhand, India

Ceremony during the SCN high school Sports Day, Chatra, Jharkhand, India

Chetna Bharati girls working hard on mini-posters, Chatra ashram, Jharkhand, India
Sports Day race, SCN high school, Chatra, Jharkhand, India
Cooking, cleaning, and organic gardening are examples of the skills (along with basic "school" skills) children learn at the Hunterganj ashram.  Children live there for several months to several years. Jharkhand, India
A tae kwon do demostration (running through fluorescent light bulbs) was part of Sports Day, SCN high school, Chatra, Jharkhand, India
Morning chores, Hunterganj ashram, Jharkhand, India

My Chetna Bharati girls showing off the mini-posters they're making.  Chatra, Jharkhand, India

Children's Walk, Pretapur.  The children walked through the village demanding a good education (or education period) exercise in empowerment at a young age... Jharkhand, India

If I could read Hindi, I'd tell you what their sign says... Pretapur, Jharkhand, India

Village non-formal school near Pretapur.  Yep, that's the school you see there, outside on a small stretch of concrete.  The teacher often has to go to students' houses to get them to come to class. Jharkhand, India
First graders, Chatra SCN English Medium school, Jharkhand, India

Sixth grade girls, Chatra SCN English Medium school, Jharkhand, India

Girls at Pretapur ashram getting ready for classes, Jharkhand, India
No Indian celebration is complete without song...or dance... or both...Annual Day, Chatra English Medium school, Jhanrkhand, India
In Nablus there are many community centers that offer extracurricular activities.  This was one of my English classes at Al-Manhal Community Center.  We were singing a song...rock star-style, Nablus, Palestine
Excited to answer...probably some ridiculous question that allowed them to make up a ridiculous answer (as long as they answered in English).  I'm told my style was a bit unconventional... Al-Manhal Center, Nablus, Palestine
When the class at Al-Manhal ended, I started teaching at a center the Al-Ein Refugee Camp, all young girls.  We had some good fun!  Nablus, Palestine
Some of my fabulous teenagers!  We had after-school classes at the Hamdi Manko Community Center, Nablus, Palestine
A few of the girls from the Hamdi Manko class, Nablus, Palestine
One day a Hamdi Manko student invited his rapper friend to come speak to our class, Nablus, Palestine
Drama created by students at one of the centers in Balata Refugee Camp.  Their teacher was another Project Hope volunteer, Nablus, Palestine

Project Hope offers (primarily) English classes for adults.  This is my "man class." Nablus, Palestine
Balata Girls School, Balata Refugee Camp, Nablus, Palestine

Again, access to education and school quality vary from place to place...these are simply the places I visited or volunteered as I was traveling...

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