Saturday, May 12, 2012

A letter to Mom

Again, shared with permission...

Dear Mom,

It's your turn. I've been looking for the right words to say. We'll see how I do. Let me start with this: You are an incredible woman. I'm not sure you always believe this, but it is true. No, you're not perfect, but who of us is?

As I grow older (and you do, too), I discover more things about you that impress me. First, you have an incredible thirst for knowledge, as well as a stunning wealth of knowledge. You are constantly reading, whether it be from the National Catholic Reporter, Time magazine, or a guidebook on France. What is even more amazing is what you already have stored away. I am certain my brain does not hold as much as yours. I'll admit I didn't appreciate all you had to offer in France, because my poor brain was already on overload and unprepared to listen to the many gems of knowledge you had to share with me. Sorry for that.

I think it is amazing that you are still challenging yourself to try new things, whether it be yoga, bike riding, or meditation. It's cool to see you exploring your own depth by pushing yourself in new ways.

You have a passion for justice and the fortitude to speak when others are too afraid to. While I've succeeded speaking my truth a few times, you seem to have the strength to speak up any time it is necessary, something I cannot say about myself. You are hard on yourself, which is great, because it means you keep moving forward. At the same time, I think you need to cut yourself some slack sometimes. That's a battle I face, too...finding the balance between both accepting who I am (the good and the bad) and striving to be my best self. I'll say again that you're not perfect, not because I want you to feel bad, but because I want you to know that you're not meant to be and all of us who love you love you in your entirety.  If you were perfect, you wouldn't need anyone else and that would make for a lonely existence. It's OK to get frustrated sometimes and it's OK to be weak sometimes. Neither makes you any less incredible...

I feel like I haven't said things as perfectly as I'd like to. Sorry for the limitations of my words. Just know that even if I didn't seem appreciative last week or in general, I am very thankful that you are my mom.

Happy Mother's Day!


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