Friday, October 7, 2011

Lightning and Finn: A Post for the Kids, Part 2

In our last series of pictures, Lightning, Finn, and I were in Bangalore.  There we visited Lalbagh Garden, where we ran into some unexpected characters...

In the background behind the clock and covered in foliage is Snow White's cottage.  We were very surprised to see that Snow White lived in Bangalore.  But, as you can see in the picture, Dopey and the rest of the gang
look pretty happy there. 

After Bangalore, we visited the southern state of Kerala.  Kerala is known for it s beautiful waterways, so we decided to go on an all-day backwater tour.  Lightning and Finn had great window seats!  
This is what it looked like looking out towards the front of the boat. 

 We saw lots of other people going about daily life.  Getting from place to place by boat is pretty common and necessary in this area.

  Part of our trip was in a motorized boat, but we also went through the smaller waterways in a human-powered (row) boat.  Here is a bit of that scenery.  Finn and Lightning decided not to get in the picture. We saw several water snakes in this area, but didn't get a good picture. They were too fast! 

We also learned about some of the cottage industries there.  Some people make their living spinning rope from coconut husks.  You can see the spinning wheel with the pile of coconut husks in the back.  This is also a big area for the spice trade.  Above is some             cinnamon bark, still on the tree.  It smelled so good!!!! 

As you might be able to tell, I am still figuring out how to get my photos/text  formatted the way I want.  Trial and error...  Finn and Lightning's next adventure...Onam! 

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