Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lightning and Finn: A Post for the Kids, Part 1

The day before I left for India, my youngest nephews gave me gifts: Lightning McQueen and Finn McMissile to accompany me on my journey. The older of the two boys was very concerned about their well-being and even checked to make sure I had them at the airport. Anticipating such a check, I had them in an easily accessible backpack pocket. I assured the boys that I would take pictures of Finn and Lightning as we travelled together. I didn't get pictures of them everywhere, but these should give you an idea of where Lightning, Finn, and I have been.  We've been having a great time together!!
One of the first places we went was Humayan's tomb in Delhi.

Finn & Lightning would be too small to see here.  Behind me is
 all of Humayan's tomb. 
We visited a Buddhist Temple in Delhi, too.  This was outside the temple.
We had to take our shoes off before going in. 

In Mumbai, one of the places we visited was the Gateway of India.
Lightning took this picture.  
We were also in Mumbai for the beginning of Ganapati,
the celebration of the elephant-headed Hindu god, Ganesh. 

We went to someone's home and this was what they had done to honor Ganesh.
We also ate a special meal, prayed, and danced.  
And as we were walking through Mumbai, we happened to see a real elephant.
In Bangalore, we visited Bull Temple.  This monkey was outside,
but wanted to be the only one in the picture!

Near Bull Temple, we walked through a park that had hundreds of bats
hanging in the trees overhead!!
We also visited the flower market in Bangalore.  Lightning and Finn
thought they'd look particularly good with the yellow flowers! 
There is one more picture from Bangalore that Lightning and Finn would like you to see, but the computer doesn't seem to want to upload it, so we'll have to save it for another post!  In it they're posing near characters you might know.  Until that picture is posted, see if you can guess who!  

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  1. Awesome photos! So glad to see you looking so happy and well.