Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Shout-Out

This has been a pretty busy summer. I have had work done on my house, have had some projects from school to wrap up, and...oh yeah, have been getting ready for my journey.

There are tasks that I'd hoped to accomplish that I now see, as my time at home is growing shorter, are not going to get done. However, as I think about what has gotten done, I cannot help but be thankful for the incredible amount of time my parents have spent helping me complete projects. Other people have helped me, too, but here I want to focus on good ol' Mom and Dad.

Among other things, I have had a lot of new drywall put up in my house. My parents have helped me paint it and have done a lot of other detail and finishing work. Neatness and organization are not my best skills. My parents have helped me to get things a little cleaner and a little more organized. The hours they have put into helping me are numerous.

It hasn't always been easy working together. As happens with parents and children, we don't always have the same ideas about what should be done in my house. I sometimes have to remind them that the decisions about my house are mine to make, not theirs. Because of those times, they may not realize how incredibly grateful I am for the work they have done. So I thought I'd put it here, for them to see and for all of you, too. They deserve some recognition.

Shout-out to Mom and Dad! Thanks!

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  1. Peace and protection on your 5'4" mobile home also! mw